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How do I create or edit a post or page on my blog?
Last Updated a year ago

In the Wordpress dashboard, go to the sidebar on the left down to either "Pages" or "Posts" depending what you would like to create/edit.

Ex: Pages -> All Pages >


Clicking on the "Edit" link below the page or post you want to edit will allow you to do just that.


If you were more interested in creating a page or post rather then editing one, at the top left of the page you will see the "Add New" button.


Once it opens up a blank page/post form section to fill in you simply create a title (title often determines what is in the URL of the post or page.) and begin building your page/post from the editor.


When completed, you can finally click the "Publish" button at the top right of the post/page editing section to make your content go live to public.

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