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What is the difference between shared hosting and virtual private servers?
Last Updated 9 months ago

Resources, Flexability and Functionality

It mainly comes down to resources, with shared hosting you may have one large server where 100's or 1000's of websites are hosting on which is fine until others on that same server begin to hog resources.

When resources are shared with other it leaves your website with slow loading times and glitches because the website cannot load or process its functions when there is no memory or CPU available.

Hosting companies like , and offer shared hosting services and and appealing user friendly dashboard to go with it but as your website grows you will surely begin to see how performance is lacking from time to time (doesn't often happen but depends on what others websites are hosted on your server and what they are doing).

With a VPS (Virtual Private Server) your website will have resources needed to properly run things day to day without any issues. If your server ends up not being powerful enough you can simply upgrade as needed. Realistically once your website grows it will need something beyond shared hosting to keep up with demands. Companies like fatcow and godaddy will not have an agent move your site to another server/service without a costly fee for migrating the databases n files which you will be trapped into doing so if you do not want to lose everything you build up.

For the long term a virtual private server is recommended and will cost you about the same as shared hosting services.

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