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Can you tell me about hosting services involved with getting my website setup?
Last Updated 9 months ago

In the initial stages there will not be a need for hosting services as development can be done using a subdomain (ex: while being hosted off the BBSN servers. At some point upon completion it will be up to the client to setup hosting arrangements which involves registering a domain and setting up an account for a virtual private server.

We generally use for strictly domains services, this is partly because of their email services that come with it. Domain prices range from 3$ USD to 20$ USD or more per year.

We generally use for virtual private servers, you can have most websites and stores run off a basic 5USD per month server plan. Topping up your hosting account using paypal or credit card will keep your account in good standing without interruptions. You can expect to pay 5-12$ USD per month with this company depending on how much traffic you get on your website and if you want to have automatic backups (recommended).

You do not need to use these hosting services, if you have another preferrence for domain and server hosting we can surely accommodate. If you decide to use services else-ware you must ensure that your domain provider has the ability to edit "DNS Records" for the domain to have them pointed to the server in final stages of development.

These hosting services are not part of this project but are used in several of the web development projects we offer in terms of service.

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